3-Bet Poker Tips

A 3-bet poker game is pretty much just what it sounds like: a game in which there are three bets. The first bet is the big blind, the raise on the big blind is the second bet, and the raise on that raise (or the re-raise) is the third bet. As with all poker games, there are certain strategies to keep in mind when playing 3-bet poker.

The Easy Re-Raise

Of course, the most obvious situation for making that third bet or "re-raise" is a scenario where someone has raised the big blind before you, and you are holding two aces, two kings, or two queens. Your odds in that situation are good, so it's advisable to place the third bet and play your cards.

Force a Fold

If you don't hold the ideal hand, you can still use 3-bet strategy to your advantage, so long as you know how to pull off a bluff. If you re-raise, your opponents will likely think that you do, in fact, hold a great hand--whether you do or not. In many cases the person whose bet you have raised will then fold and bow out, leaving you with the upper hand.

Other things to consider when deciding whether or not to use 3-bet strategy are the pot odds and implied odds. If a re-raise is a big risk, meaning you have a poor hand and the pot isn't that great, then it's not necessary (or wise) to re-raise. It's also best to use this strategy late in the game, when you've been able to analyze everyone else's playing strategies.

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